A School as Special as Your Child

Serving North County Since 1986

Solana Beach Community Preschool is dedicated to developing happy, self-confident, responsible children. We believe children are very special people, and we treat them that way.

We conduct a small, developmentally appropriate program, and provide an environment that stimulates the creative and positive learning experiences children need. Our mixed age grouping encourages cooperative learning and fosters good social behavior.

Our preschool appeals to parents looking for a quality experience for their children.

We believe a child's first experience in school must be a positive and rewarding one, providing a strong foundation upon which to build a successful school career.

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We could not have chosen a better preschool to send our daughter to. Joanne and her talented team of teachers taught our daughter so many valuable life skills (making friends, working together in a group, problem solving, conflict resolution, becoming independent, etc) in a fun, loving, and nurturing environment. Because of this fabulous school, she has thrived socially and is more than ready for kindergarten. More

Amy G.

This is an amazing preschool! My daughter loved going here and is sad school is out for the summer! She asks me everyday if we are going to preschool today! The teachers are wonderful and so thoughtful and caring. We will definitely be back next year and I hope to send my younger daughter here when it's time. I would recommend this preschool without hesitation to anyone! More

Tracy P.

"What I love most about Joanne Tranchina and her staff, is that they use a language based teaching approach when facilitating the Children's social, emotional, and behavioral development. Instead of saying "no" or "stop" , you will hear something much different ("Friends, I'm excited too. Lets wait until we are outside and then we can scream.") More

˜ Molly Koustmer

"We cannot recommend "Bear School" enough! Both of my children learned, discovered and were loved there!..." More

˜ M. Noonan

"One word: Incredible." More

~ Kristin S.

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